One of the great tragedies children often face when their parents die is the termination of their education. 

We are determined to provide education believing it is the means to a better future for. We partner with local schools and educators to ensure that educational opportunities will continue for all OVC. 

Serving the educational, emotional, physical and spiritual

needs of orphans and vulnerable children. 


“It is not the physical pain that endangers orphans the most.  It is the mental pain caused by stress from years and years of being neglected, pushed aside, disregarded, unloved and made to feel undeserving.  Even more is the lack of unconditional love, the right to be accepted, as a child and to be loved, as a child, no matter what you do.”            —Roger Dean Kiser


When parents die in the developed nations of the world there are usually other family members or public services that step in to ensure the physical needs of children are met. When parents die in the undeveloped world their children's lives are at risk. F4O works to provide food, potable water and safe, dry and warm housing for those in need.

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​​Human beings are spiritual beings. Working across religious boundaries, F4O strives to meet the spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children, getting them into religious programs to ensure their religious development.   

Thirty-one separate times the Bible calls for its readers to care for orphans. The Qur'an, given to the Muslim people by the prophet Muhammad, himself an orphan, also includes a great number of passages that call its people to care for orphans.  Sadly, many Jews, Christians and Muslims tend to ignore their sacred texts.

The Foundation 4 Orphans seeks to work with persons of all backgrounds to create a world of peace with justice by caring for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. We believe that working across national, religious, political, racial and ethnic lines is the key to building relationships that can create conditions of peace in these troubled times. 

We also know that when we reach out a hand to help a child in need, we receive more than we give.

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